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Collingswood Recreation Program Odyssey of the Mind (CRPOM)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is my child eligible to participate in OM?

​Any child in grades 3 through 12 who lives or goes to school in Collingswood is eligible to participate in competitive OM.  This includes all children who attend Collingswood, Oaklyn, or Woodlynne public schools.  This also includes children living in Collingswood who attend a private or parochial school or who are homeschooled.  We also offer a non-competitive Primary Club program for 2nd graders (more information about Primary Club will be available soon).


Where do OM teams practice?

​The headquarters and primary practice space for CRPOM will be located in the former municipal court building next to the Collingswood Public Works complex behind the Collingswood Bikeshare.  Teams also sometimes practice at a team member or coach's home.  The practice location will partly depend on the type of activity the team is working on (e.g., no spray painting in the library) and also on the availability of space and the practice times that the teams choose. The practice location(s) for the team will be determined by the team once it is fully formed.


How long is the OM season?

The season will begin in early in October 2019 and will last at least through the mid-March 2020 when the regional tournament is held. Teams who advance to the NJ state finals or OotM World Finals will continue their season through April or May 2020.


How often do OM teams practice, which days, and what times?

Each team, including the team members and the coaches, will decide when, how long, and how often the team practices.  During October through early January, teams typically will practice one or two afternoons or evenings per week for about 90 minutes.  As the season moves into late January and February, one weekend practice will typically be added, typically in the afternoon.  During March, as the regional tournament approaches, there will be multiple practices per week. The regional and state tournaments are on Saturdays in March and April respectively.


Who can be an OM coach?

​Any adult at least 21 years old who lives in Collingswood, Oaklyn, or Woodlynne may volunteer to be an OM coach. No experience is necessary. Some of our current coaches have a background in a creative field, such as science, technology, engineering, visual arts, or performing arts.  Some of our coaches have background in education or child development. But many of our coaches are simply parents who enjoy spending time with kids in a creative, supportive, and fun environment.  Mentoring and training is available as well. Coaches may be subject to police background checks, as required by the program.


How much does it cost to participate in OM?

The registration fee for the 2019-2020 season will be $60.00 payable on the Collingswood Rec website using PayPal or by check to the Borough of  Collingswood. This fee covers all the expenses associated with the program, inlcuding tournament registration fees for the team, materials and supplies, and the team t-shirt.


Can my child participate in OM and another activity simultaneously?

​OotM is a major time commitment for the team members and their families, especially at the competitive level. The teams decide how often and how long they practice, so there is a lot of flexibility to build a schedule that accomodates everyone.  We have had many OMers successfully participate in other activities simultaneously with OM.  During the week before a tournament, we expect that OM will take priority over all other extra-curricular activities, similar to the dress rehearsal period before a play. The tournaments are full-day activities involving travelling to other parts of New Jersey.  We strongly recommend against scheduling another activity on any tournament day.


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