Collingswood Recreation League

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Collingswood Marlins Practice Groups 2014

Please contact Coach Sylvester at with any questions regarding practice schedule


Group A: Only swimmers 11 and up will be eligible. Swimmers in this group should be able to complete a 100 freestyle under 1:45 and a (mostly legal) 100 IM in 2:00. A working knowledge of all strokes is necessary, though a few minor complications can be looked past.


Group B: All age groups are eligible for this group, as it is meant mostly for stroke development. This will mostly be swimmers who need to work on their swimming stamina and maybe can't do interval training yet. Some exceptional 8-unders will be eligible for this group, as long as they can functionally complete all of the strokes, and would do ok with a bit of distance mixed in.


Group C: A majority of group C swimmers will be 8-unders who are not ready for the distances of group B. However, any new swimmers who don't quite have the grasp on the strokes yet will be placed in group C until the develop the strokes for group B. 


Please note that this is being done for the safety and benefit of all swimmers. Putting them at the ability level they're suited for will make sure that every swimmer gets the most out of every practice.



Coach Sylvester